"Mozuku Fucoidan" PLUS "Mekabu Fucoidan" 


The Most Potent Combination



(Cancer cell self-destruction)



(New blood vessel formation)

80 to 85% Fucoidan in very small quantities!

Mostly filler (rice flour)

This is mainly the reason why Fucoidan is EXPENSIVE!

Only a very small amount of Fucoidan can be extracted from brown seaweeds.  

The Fucoidan extract has been used in many research document where it has shown to inhibit tumor growth, to induce Apoptosis (cancer cell self-destruction) and to enhance the body's natural immune response. 

What is Fucoidan?

​​(Fuciodan is a brown seaweed extract.)


Fucoidan is a sulfated polysaccharide found mainly in various species of brown seaweeds such as Mozuku, Wakame, Kombu and Hijiki.

It is challenging to select a product when there is a great number of products in the market!

You can find more than 30 brands of Fucoidan products which are made in the United States and other countries like Japan. The most difficult aspect is that some of these brands range between $20.00 to $30.00 dollars, while others range between $50.00 to $100.00! Still, the premium brands cost more than $300.00. 

Why do some brands combine mushroom extracts like Agaricus blazei and AHCC?


Fucoidan is well known for its anti-cancer functions such as enhancing the natural immune response, inducing Apoptosis (cancer cell self-destruction), and suppressing Angiogenesis (tumor growth).

However, some mushrooom extracts are also well-known to have important immune benefits due to its high polysaccharide content. Two very unique mushroom extracts are Agaricus blazei Murill (beta-glucan) and AHCC (alpha-glucan). Both of these extracts can stimulate the natural immune response different from Fucoidan.

One of the best ways to enhance our immune system is to combine these ingredients-Fucoidan and mushroom extracts like Agaricus blazei and AHCC-with different but beneficial properties.  This combination will synergistically and more powerfully support our health and can prevent us from serious health concerns including cancer. 

Which Fucoidan is safe from radiation & contamination?


The Japanese incident made it difficult for people to find fucoidan that is uncontaminated, especially from the Mekabu spores of the Undaria pinnatifida brown algae. ​​Please remember to consider the country of origin for this species and it is highly recommended to buy Fucoidan that is extracted from the Mekabu spores collected from Argentina, Australia or Canada.

How do you select the best Fucoidan products?

Is the Fucoidan extracted from each species different?


Yes, it is!

Fucoidan, present in brown algae, has potential


health benefits. 


As the immune system is so important in fighting cancer, many ingredients like Fucoidan, are of great interest to people looking for natural ways to treat their condition.

Fucoidan works on the immune system and it is used to control the side effects of conventional treatments. 

Selecting the best Fucoidan


Some studies done in Japan suggest that Mozuku (Cladosiphon okamuranusFucoidan

has a higher Apoptosis (Cancer Cell Self-Destruction) inducing effect on cancer cells than any other species and Mekabu (Undaria pinnatifida) Fucoidan is more effective in inhibiting Angiogenesis (new blood vessel formation for tumor growth) than any other Fucoidan extracts.

Great percent of the total amount contains high amount of the 80 or 85% Fucoidan extract.

This is the type of product with the highest effectiveness.

 80% to 85% purity Fucoidan in the product,
but very small portion! 


Which brand is the most effective?


The best Fucoidan brands contain 80 to 85% purity Fucoidan and a great percent of the total amount per capsule is only Fucoidan, not rice flour. 

Fucoidan Reviews


Which product is good? How do you select the best brands?

Fucoidan is mainly extracted from:


What does the % of Fucoidan mean?


The percentage means PURITY!
According to a series of scientific reports and clinical data, Fucoidan with 80-85% purity (concentration) is the most effective!

How do you select the best Fucoidan brand? 

It is very simple, look for a Fucoidan brand that contains:

1. Mozuku Fucoidan extract - From Japan.

2. Organic Mekabu Fucoidan extract - Obtained from clean and pristine areas.

3. AHCC - An alpha-glucan polysaccharide with scientific studies.

4. Agaricus blazei extract - A beta-glucan extract to support the intestinal health.

5. Fucoidan with AHCC Optimum Synergy Blend

6. Radiation-free and heavy metals free. 

Agaricus blazei Murill


(Active Hexose Correlated Compound)

Some Fucoidan brands claims that they have 80 to 85% Fucoidan.

But this might not be true!


But, the question is: What is the actual amount of Fucoidan in these products?

The cleanest Fucoidan is extracted

from the


(Undaria pinnatifida)

spores collected from 

Argentina, Australia or Canada. 

Some Fucoidan brands that claim to contain 300 to 500 mg of Fucoidan per capsule in bottles with 90 and up to 120 capsules cost around $20.00 to $30.00 dollars per bottle.

The total amount of Fucoidan DOES NOT equal to 300 to  500 mg because the extract is mixed with other ingredients, for example, fillers (e.g. rice flour).

Rice Flour – It is a filler typically bleached and refined. It is most often used because it is much cheaper than brown rice flour and most companies want a filler that is white.

Before purchasing any Fucoidan products there are some basic facts you need to know: